Welcome to Earlham College Model United Nations!

The first Earlham College Model United Nations Conference was held in 1995 at Earlham College and it was organized by Earlham College students who have done Model United Nations during their high school education. The life changing ideas that are promoted by Model United Nations was a great fit to Earlham’s values and principles. The main idea behind the first conference was to encourage high school students in area to look at the world through different eyes, to consider global problem-solving, to have some fun, and to see what being an Earlham student is like. Earlham College Model United Nations Conference is a truly international conference that helps students acquire essential skills for leadership and diplomacy and we are very proud of our alums who now serve in international organization and leadership positions around the world. It is very important to stress that the whole conference is organized by students them self; faculty members coach students to achieve their full potential as delegates and leaders. Over the past 19 years more than 2800 students took part in Earlham College Model United Nations Conference. 2015 is the 20th anniversary of ECMUN. We have a great team of people working together closely to ensure a phenomenal celebration of ECMUN’s 20th Anniversary at Earlham College.

We are excited to have you join us as esteemed delegates for this landmark event! In accordance with the celebration of ECMUN’s 20th year, this conference will be marked by a few changes that we hope you will enjoy. This year’s Conference will be defined by more in-depth debates, guest speakers, more interaction with ECMUN Staff, live social media updates, and a Delegate Time Capsule, among other changes.

This year we are looking forward to an engaging conference where you can actively participate in debates at a deeper level. This conference provides you as delegates with the opportunity to experientially learn about the value of diplomacy and how to be engaged global citizens with the world around you. We expect you to come prepared to the Conference, ready to solve the world’s problems with dynamic, creative, and nuanced ideas for resolutions! We encourage you to be in engaged throughout the process, ask questions, and learn from both your peers and yourself.

We look forward to having you join us for ECMUN 2015 in January! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have in the meantime.

Iman Cooper and Shatha Sebta
On behalf of ECMUN 2015 team

“Over the years our high school Model UN Club has competed in many different conferences across the country. The Earlham conference is by far the best. It is well-organized, the college student leaders take time to teach and model the process, the outside speakers are excellent and it is fun. This is the conference my students look forward to all year.” ~Mary Grabianowski, Teacher at Zionsville High School
“Attending ECMUN for three years as a high school student was such a rewarding learning experience. In addition, the conference chairs were always helpful whenever I had any questions and the constantly welcoming community at the conference was a contributing factor to why I chose to attend Earlham. ECMUN also gave me a taste of the social sciences and interdisciplinary programs at Earlham which caught my attention and made me want to learn more about what else Earlham had to offer.” ~Abigail Katherine Hammond ’18, Co-Chief Operating Officer

Shada Sbeta, Secretary-General

Iman Alexis Cooper, Secretary-General
Questions About ECMUN?
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