Welcome to Earlham College Model United Nations!

On behalf of the Earlham Model United Nations Club, it is my great pleasure to personally welcome each of you to the Earlham College Model United Nations Conference 2017! As we have witnessed, 2016 has been a tumultuous and progressive year from the Brexit referendum and Turkish coup attempt, to breakthroughs in renewable energy independence and ALS research. The loss of several public figures has put the world on edge, and the upcoming presidential election seems to have the US more polarized than ever before. However, the spirit of cooperation and optimism inherent in the concept of the United Nations continues on in the face of adversity and division. We, the youth who will soon inherit the world, have the responsibility of managing, abating and preventing the issues of our parent’s generation from affecting and manifesting themselves again in our own time. Intolerance and extremism are beginning to show their heads as the stress society feels increases, so perhaps this year it would be best to take a stance on humility and collaboration. Compassion and empathy with our adversaries, whether they be a delegate or peer, creates a healthy body for discussion and brainstorming that all of us at ECMUN and around the world can benefit from. Here at Earlham, we strive to provide relief to our neighbors, show solidarity with movements around the world, and stand up for injustice everywhere, all while having fun and helping delegates improve their skills along the way.

With a mentality to positively impact communities with our work, we start this academic year with a diverse list of topics and committees that seeks to capture as many viewpoints and disciplines as possible. Every year, hundreds of students and their advisors from all over the mid-west work together and create resolutions to make ECMN one of the most productive and diverse high school conferences in Indiana. I hope you will all join us at our annual Model United Nations Conference from January 27 – January 28, 2017, in Richmond as participation in ECMUN is an exceptional opportunity for high school students to become more globally aware, exercise their research, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Moreover, our conference gives students the chance to learn and engage in leadership activities with ease and comfort, giving students a taste of the responsibility and expectation many will find in their universities and careers later in life. However, most importantly, ECMUN is a fantastic way to have fun in a critically engaging way that allows others to debate and encounter/argue points of view many have never considered from all over Indiana and the World!

We look forward to seeing you in January. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

On behalf of ECMUN 2017 team,
Adam Pavlovsky
General-Secretary 2017

“Over the years our high school Model UN Club has competed in many different conferences across the country. The Earlham conference is by far the best. It is well-organized, the college student leaders take time to teach and model the process, the outside speakers are excellent and it is fun. This is the conference my students look forward to all year.” ~Mary Grabianowski, Teacher at Zionsville High School
“Attending ECMUN for three years as a high school student was such a rewarding learning experience. In addition, the conference chairs were always helpful whenever I had any questions and the constantly welcoming community at the conference was a contributing factor to why I chose to attend Earlham. ECMUN also gave me a taste of the social sciences and interdisciplinary programs at Earlham which caught my attention and made me want to learn more about what else Earlham had to offer.” ~Abigail Katherine Hammond ’18, Co-Chief Operating Officer

Shada Sbeta, Secretary-General

Iman Alexis Cooper, Secretary-General
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