About Us

Through Model United Nations Students:

  • Gain means of effective decision making and global cooperation
  • Explore other countries’ foreign policies as well as other viewpoints and perspectives
  • Develop a range of analytical frameworks for interpreting world news
  • Participate in hands-on involvement with current global issues and organizations
  • Study, research, and analyse UN documents and government position papers
  • Work and cooperate with students from many diverse backgrounds
  • Develop skills in creative and critical thinking, leadership, and public speaking

Each year Earlham College hosts regional high school students on campus for a weekend MUN Conference. Through this outreach, Club members demonstrate to other young people that they can make a difference on important global issues. Keynote speakers for this even have included ambassadors and high-level UN diplomats as well as eloquent non-governmental activities. Earlham students initiate and complete all the logistical and programmatic arrangements for this event.

Earlham College Model United Nations

Model United Nations at Earlham College is a doorway to the world of international affairs. Through MUN, students are introduced to vital global issues and far-reaching international organizations. The Earlham College Model United Nations allows students to move from roles as spectators to firsthand participants who “become” diplomatic representatives and consider items from the UN system’s vast agendas. This extra curricular program at Earlham College has an excellent track record in helping students move into dynamic internships and jobs with international organizations from Amnesty International to the United Nations Development Program and all points in between.

Our History


The first Earlham College Model United Nations Conference was held in 1995 at Earlham College and it was organized by Earlham College students who had done Model United Nations during their high school education. The life changing ideas that are promoted by Model United Nations was a great fit to Earlham’s values and principles. The main idea behind the first conference was to encourage high school students in the area to look at the world through different lenses while considering global problem-solving, having fun with like minded individuals, and to see what being an Earlham student is like. Earlham College Model United Nations Conferences are truly an international conference that helps students acquire essential skills for leadership and diplomacy and we are very proud of our alums who now serve in international organizations and leadership positions around the world. It is very important to stress that the whole conference is organized by students themselves; faculty members coach students to achieve their full potential as delegates and leaders. Over the past 20 years more than 3000 students have taken part in the Earlham College Model United Nations Conference.