What are important dates?
The conference takes place on the 30th and 31th January. Registration closes on Friday, December 15th. That is the due date for all the fees as well.

How many students can I bring?
It is important that we keep ECMUN accessible to as many schools as possible and we have space for a maximum of 300 delegates. Please discuss the size of your delegation with us as soon as possible. This is especially important in the case of delegations that are estimated to have more than 30 students.

How many students can be per delegation per committee?
For all of the committees, except for Security Council and European Council, there can be two students per delegation. Both Security Council and European Council have one member per delegation.

What we can do while being at the conference?
There are many things you can do while being at the conference. You can participate in a discussion about the conference success, areas and way to improve in the future. You can relax in the lounge (Wifi available). And in case you would like to have a more engaging role, you can take part in the evaluation process of the performance of our chairs and your students. Finally, you will have passes for the Athletic and Wellness Center.

How to pack for the conference?
Towels and shampoos are provided by the hotel. Your students should pack formal/professional attire for the conference. Also, your students must not forget to bring pajamas and a casual outfit in case they want to take part in playing board games on Friday night.

Who to contact if you have a question prior to coming the conference?
If you have a question, please contact secretary general at or ECMUN co-chief operator at (or send an email to

Will there be refreshments available throughout the day?
Yes, the conference will provide snacks and drinks. There are vending machines in the building as well as food, coffee and drinks that you can buy.